Green Training

The on-demand webinars below cover topics such as supply chain sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions measurement and reporting, renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, and other innovative solutions. Website:

Green Power Options in Deregulated Markets
Our new on-demand webinar Green Power Options in Deregulated Markets outlines the way that renewable energy is generated, tracked, and traded in North America and discusses the pros and cons of purchasing green power separate from your utilities. View Webinar:

The Essential Elements of Sustainability Scorecards Webinar
Is your business a supplier to large organizations that are rolling out supplier assessments and scorecards? Are you aware of the new wave of sustainability scorecard requirements? Are you prepared for them? Watch this 30-minute webinar to understand why your customers are asking these questions and why these requests are not going away. View Webinar:

How to Use Green Power for USGBC® LEED® Certification
In our on-demand 15-minute webinar How to Use Green Power for USGBC LEED Certification, we eliminate EAc6 confusion and discuss how to improve your LEED certification success with the Green Power Credit. You’ll also have access to download our industry quick guide Green Power for LEED Green Building. View Webinar:

Choosing Green Power in Canada
Canadian-based companies have more choices than ever when it comes to buying clean, renewable energy. Our new on-demand webinar, Choosing Green Power in Canada, outlines the way that renewable energy is generated, tracked, and traded in North America and discusses the options for purchasing green power in Canada. View Webinar:

Energy Efficiency Incentives: Save Money, Improve Performance
Businesses everywhere are reducing their operating costs and improving ROI through building retrofits and energy performance investments. What you may not know is that utility companies and the government are willing to cover a significant portion of the expense of retrofit projects – in some cases, more than 50%! Our new 30-minute on-demand webinar, Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives, will give you an inside view into the steps necessary to take advantage of these financial rewards. View Webinar:

2011 CDP Reporting
Selected by the CDP to be an Accredited Consulting Partner in the U.S., Renewable Choice helps clients efficiently and effectively understand the reporting process and successfully submit a report. Watch this informative webinar covering how and why to report to CDP, the world’s leading voluntary emissions reporting organization. View Webinar:

Creating Opportunity Through Compliance: A Case Study
Whether you are thinking about how to create more transparency with your own supply chain or want to understand how other companies have gained insight and efficiencies, this webinar will provide relevant content to save you time. You’ll learn how Tony Angelino, Chief Operating Officer for Cupid Foundation, a leading supplier to Walmart, found that conducting a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory led to many other benefits and opportunities beyond simply being in compliance. View Webinar:

The Power of an Energy Audit
Join us for this powerful webinar on the benefits and steps involved in conducting an energy audit for your business. Key points include how to tell if your business needs an energy audit, what you can expect to save both in terms of emissions and costs as a result of conducting an audit, and the steps involved in the audit itself. View Webinar:

Introduction to RECs
In under 10 minutes, this webinar will remove the mystery and provide a quick introduction to how renewable energy credits (RECs) work. It will also explain how RECs can be a valuable and affordable solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and support clean technology. View Webinar:

Greenhouse Gas Inventories
A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is a comprehensive and documented accounting of all greenhouse gas emissions attributed to an organization’s activities. This webinar will help you understand the benefits and scope of performing a GHG inventory.  View Webinar:

CaGBC LEED Green Power
Did you know that all green building projects can achieve up to 7 LEED certification points with green power? In this webinar we’ll explain how a LEED project can benefit from the Green Power Credit and how it fits into the Green Building Council’s LEED system. We’ll also cover the environmental and financial benefits of reducing the carbon emissions of your LEED project. View Webinar for USGBC LEED Green Power: and CaGBC Leed Green Power:

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