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Dr. Anthony Battle, Interim President

Coach John Mosley, Chaplain

Dr. Linda Cole, Chaplain Emeritus

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  1. Ben Haith says:

    Spike Lee is responsible for our history? When will we realize that we have been damaged by our culture? Answer: Group Therapy?


  2. Jah'Shams Abdul-Mu'min says:

    What is the cost of membership?


  3. Dretona Maddox says:

    I have been trying to find information about my mother who graduated from LATT Nursing program in 1975-1976 and nobody will help me. All I need is a year book! This is so sad.


    1. laccdbfsa says:

      Please contact Dr. Carolyn Washington or David Ysais at LA Trade-Tech and they may be able to direct you to the right place.


  4. Ben Haith says:

    We the People want to combine “Earth Day” with “We Are the World Day” in the year 2020. We the People want to strengthen our commitment to saving Mother Earth by working with Mr. Lionel Richie, The Michael Jackson Family and the Earth Day Network. This anthem has motivated millions across the globe to become activists in their own way. Together we can change the world! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send this message.


  5. Dr. Anthony Battle says:

    Serving black faculty, staff and people of color in the Los Angeles Community College District educational community.


  6. Tori Bailey says:

    Looking forward to meeting each of you via zoom soon.
    It was a pleasure speaking with you Dr. Battle last week.

    Tori Bailey, MHA, MSLM Candidate for LACCD Seat 1
    2020 General Election


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