Social Involvement as a Retention Model

By:  The Curious Counselor As an educator and student services professional, the recent onslaught of violence against African-American youth, particularly males, has created a quandary of sorts as we begin another academic year. I find it immensely important to critically examine the retention and persistence policies in community colleges as a solution to the harsh perceptionsContinue reading “Social Involvement as a Retention Model”

7th Annual Pan-African Studies Forum at CSULA with Dr. Cornel West

The LACCD BFSA supported the Department of Pan-African Studies’ 7th Annual Forum celebrating 45 years of its program.  The theme of the program was “The Indispensability of Black Studies for Understanding the Falsity of Post-Racialism.”  Dr. Cornel West was the featured speaker.  CSULA’s Pan-African Studies department has been involved in a recent struggle to makeContinue reading “7th Annual Pan-African Studies Forum at CSULA with Dr. Cornel West”