The mission of the Los Angeles Community Colleges District (LACCD) Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is to be a visible and viable organization dedicated to the recruitment, hiring, retention and professional excellence of African-American faculty and staff of the Los Angeles Community Colleges District.


  1. Advocate for fair hiring, promotion, and retention practices.
  2. Encourage professional excellence and growth through mentorship and networking opportunities.
  3. Create, cultivate and maintain a sense of community and a safe space to speak.
  4. Enhance morale, self-esteem, and cultural identity by recognizing and celebrating accomplishments, contributions, and milestones through culturally-inspired celebrations and activities.
  5. Be aware of and support, assist, and/or partner with African American organizations, associations, student clubs, etc. within the district and surrounding communities.
  6. Advocate for African American and/or culturally-responsive curriculum and activities development (e.g. African American history courses) and transfer opportunities to African American, Ethnic Studies programs at 4-year colleges and universities.


A.  Employment Advocacy:

  1. Serve in an advisory and/or advocacy capacity to address pertinent issues of Black faculty and staff.
  2. Encourage and actively monitor the hiring, promotion, and retention of Black faculty, staff and administrators in the Los Angeles Community Colleges District.
  3. Communicate regularly with District researcher to have the most current data of the number of African American faculty, staff, students; retention rates; and graduation and transfer data.
  4. Acquire and disseminate research data by posting to share site and reporting it in regular meetings.

B.  Professional Excellence and Growth:

  1. Provide mentorship and professional development for Black faculty and staff.
  2. Identify appropriate and relevant programs and speakers.
  3. Recommend specific programs and oversee their implementation.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented programs, speakers, etc.

C.  Community Building:

  1. Provide a forum to articulate the needs of Black faculty and staff.
  2. Facilitate dialogue among Black faculty and staff to identify and express major areas of concern.
  3. Sponsor and support district-wide forums, workshops, and seminars dealing with vital issues relating to the professional, academic, cultural, and personal development of the Black faculty and staff.
  4. Facilitate networking with other faculty and staff, colleges within the LACCD, and Black faculty and staff associations in the surrounding communities.
  5. Establish and maintain prompt electronic community networks so that information can be swiftly disseminated among group members.

D.  Partnerships:

  1. Help to ensure coordination of scheduling activities with other African American organizations, associations, student clubs, etc. within the district and surrounding communities (e.g. African-American Male Education Network and Development (A2MEND), African-American Outreach Initiative (AAOI), Black Student Union (BSU), NAACP Scholarships, Southern California Black Faculty & Staff Association, Umoja, and United Negro College Fund).

E.  Culturally-inspired Celebrations and Activities:

  1. Aid in the planning and implementation of Black cultural events within the District.
  2. Support culturally-responsive curriculum development that is inclusive of racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse subject matter.

F.  African American Curriculum Advocacy:

  1. Assist with developing culturally-responsive curriculum and activities.
  2. Support the development of African American, Ethnic Studies courses and/or programs at colleges within the LACCD and encourage their transfer and/or articulation to 4-year colleges and/or universities.

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