The California Black Faculty and Staff Association (CBFSA) was organized in 1969 because concerned persons felt that the needs of Black faculty staff and students were not being properly addressed. In order to remedy this serious shortcoming, the idea of a statewide effort was proposed and initiated by Dr. Enid Blaylock at California State University at Long Beach. She recognized that Black faculty and staff in California did not have a central organization around which they could coalesce and effectively deal with problems commonly faced by Blacks employed in higher education.  Taking stock of its own dilemma, the Board of CBFSA decided to develop a more effective advocate organization in order to advance the cause.

With this new thrust, CBFSA completely revamped its organizational structure, rewrote the bylaws and adopted new goals and objectives. The primary goal was to increase membership. To do this, an intensive recruitment drive was conducted. After a year, membership was doubled. Recruiting efforts over the years were successful and grew to nearly 600 dues paying members.  Membership stretched across the state and encompassed all three systems of publicly-supported higher education as well as in private colleges and universities.

References:  maulana.karenga@csulb.edu

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