A Legacy Moving Forward

By Jasmine Phillips, Counselor LATTC As I looked around the room, I was proud to see these new, yet familiar faces.  As with tradition, we blessed our food and broke bread to open this gathering; and I knew it would be a wonderful semester. The first Umoja meeting of the year demonstrated the deep bond from studentsContinue reading “A Legacy Moving Forward”

Oct 13th Unveiling of Haiti Bound Fire Truck

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010 destroyed many structures, including entire hospitals and other medical facilities. Since then, some fires that started were simply left to burn out due to lack of resources. Coordinated by Fire Capt. Jonathan Bowers of the Los Angeles County Stentorians, a chapter of the International AssociationContinue reading “Oct 13th Unveiling of Haiti Bound Fire Truck”