Black History Month 2012 at Trade

Black History Kickoff

Black History Month at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College has been filled with educational signposts and the experiences of a people’s journey. It is an unmistakably American story that is woven into the fabric of history. The Black Faculty and Staff at LATTC along with the BSU and ASO, want you to take part in any number of events scheduled. On Wednesday, the Black History Month luncheon will take place, and there are several events after that. Please click on the video below for your special invitation to join in the celebration.

Black History Luncheon

Yet another event celebrating Black History Month truly made an impact on the Trade Tech campus. A unity luncheon sponsored by the Black Faculty and Staff organization as well as Black Student Union and ASO, brought a real sense of history and accomplishment together.  Over 300 guests, vendors, and former employees attended the luncheon.  Hosted by Linda Cole, Director of Gain/CalWORKs and Deborah Campbell, General Counselor and Black Student Union Advisor, the event was a huge success that unified and educated the campus community.

Spoken Word by Jearold Mock, Associate Professor of Speech and Advisor of the Campus Spoken Word Club:

Black History Month Culmination:  The Village Festival

Weeks of work honoring Black History Month culminated in an awe-inspiring Village Festival under the north tent at LATTC. The event was complete with art, jewelry, food and that beautiful music! The Black Faculty and Staff Association did an amazing job in bringing the Crenshaw High School gospel choir to the campus. They were breathtaking! Congratulations to everyone involved in setting up this entire month of activities. If you didn’t get a chance to attend…enjoy the video below.

Black History Month Remembered

What do you remember from LATTC’s Black History Month celebration?  There certainly was a lot of enjoyment, education and emotion. Thanks to everyone involved and we look forward to next year’s event.  Although the beginning of the video below resembles the one above, it is different, and very inspirational.  It is narrated by Dean of Academic Affairs, Mr. Vincent Jackson.

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